How To Be A Better Project Manager

As a project manager, it might seem like a lot of work is required to adequately manage a project and maximize it for success. Ever been in such a situation?

Here are some tips to help you work effectively:

Be Accessible – Your team definitely needs you this you should provide an easy way for them to access you. It gives you an opportunity to learn more about the project.

Communicate Effectively– Ensure that you let your team members know about relevant information as quick as possible. This helps projects work faster and makes the team more efficient.

Keep Notes– Notes help you stay ahead of things required for the project and gives you enough room to reflect, make changes and move forward.

Be Transparent- Talk about challenges and issues as early as possible to prevent future crisis during the course of the project.

Listen Effectively– Communication should be two-way. Even as you serve as the manager, be open to feedback and suggestions. Effective listening helps the team move along better.

Respect Everyone– Everyone in a team deserves respect. When people are treated with respect, they tend to deliver better on projects.

Build Trust– Give an avenue for your team to trust your opinions, ideas, and suggestions by also trusting theirs. Challenge their ideas to make them better.

[This article was originally published as a LinkedIn post]

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