How To Optimize Instagram For Your Startup

Instagram is fast becoming the top most used social networking platform among individuals and brands are fast maximizing its potential to reach their numerous audiences. Startups often always want to reach their audiences on a very little budget and one way to achieve this is via social media channels such as Instagram.

Instagram helps you engage with your audience through the use of a variety of content styles that can appeal to the personalities of the people that you want to reach.In an article I recently published on Bella Naija, I gave some Instagram tips that a startup own can leverage on to  increase its awareness and engagement among its audience.

Instagram is not just about updating your feed with images and or videos, they have to be appealing and engagement-worthy images/videos with captions that drive a call-to-action. On Instagram, consistency seems to be the bane of everything. The more consistently you are as a brand, the less likely you will be forgotten in the minds of your consumer. I gave other wonderful tips in the article! Do enjoy it!


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