5 Key Branding Elements

What is your understanding of branding elements? A lot of individuals want to establish their own business without even understanding what a brand really entails. Asides all the fame and fury that comes with owning or running a startup, it is important to understand how a brand should be. An article by Heather Akeberg defines a brand as a mix of values, promises, and identifiers that are communicated both visually and textually. It further states that a brand also includes unspoken and unseen things, like emotions, desires, and self-image. So if a brand can be described in such manner, then there must be some key elements to note when trying to develop a brand.

In this article, I described five of those elements that should be really considered. For a startup to survive, it’s brand needs to maintain some form of relevance and these elements can help the brand maintain that. Brand Identity, Brand Positioning, Brand Communication, Brand Perception and Brand Promise are some of the elements. A thorough read of the article will help you understand what distinguishes all of them from each other.

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