5 Things Technology Has Changed About The Travel Industry

In a fast evolving world, where technology is gradually taking over all aspects of the business sector, it is not surprising to see changes in the travel industry attributable to major tech advancements in how services are accessed and delivered. A major player in this field is startups. Apart from affordable options, most startups in recent times are also offering useful exciting improvements to users in the travel industry that is serving to bring new, exciting experiences in the way people travel.

Some of the changes technology has brought include.

Personalized Service

The hotel and hospitality industry has over the years evolved from developing personalized, one to one service to online booking. Although recently, more focus is on personalized service. Technology still is playing a major role as it is now the tools which have been developed that help hotels and airlines to offer more personalized service.

Social CRM

The use of social media in CRM has increasingly become important for connecting to existing and potential customers. An increasingly large number of users now take to Facebook and Twitter as a first choice for making inquires or complaints.Utilizing the full power of social media as a CRM tool has gone a long way in improving personalization services and overall marketing in the travel industry.

Affordable Alternatives

Startups have developed effective, affordable and efficient alternatives to the larger hotel booking options. These alternatives serve to make things easier for the consumers and majorly smoothen the process of getting access to accommodation and related services.

Centralized Planning

One major landmark of the advent of tech and startups on the hospitality industry is the emergence of sites and applications that allow consumers keep track of all travel plans in one centralized portal. This involves keeping track of all travel itinerary, transport logistics, change in fare rates and other accessories. They also have user friendly interfaces that allow you control the whole process from hotel reservations, to flight bookings and transport arrangements.

High-Tech Hotel Rooms

Technology is moving towards improving the conditions and ambiance of hotel rooms so your hotel room doesn’t have to always contain just a flat screen TV and an AC panel plus fridge. Major hotel improvements such as motion sensors that turn off lights when rooms are vacant, open your curtains or raise the lights slowly and even showers that allow visitors to program the water temperature are being developed.

[Credit- Hotels.ng]

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