Yinka Falade: Working For Dokilink Has Been Good

31-year old Yinka Falade is a Digital Marketer cum Business Development Manager at Dokilink.  He is also a graduate of Computer Science Education at Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria. Asides working for Dokilink, he runs a blog where he shares tips and strategies for social media. Yinka is a Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) who really enjoys writing and computer courses.

Working for Dokilink- An Insider’s Story

I made a decision to join the company  after recognizing the need to bridge the gap between healthcare and technology.  I found it to be a very innovative initiative and I believed in the aspirations of the company. The brand was born out of the need for consumers to get easy access to doctors by leveraging technology and new media.
The site has about 11,000 verified and registered doctors and links them with each other, hence, fostering collaboration between them. It also offers advertising services on the platform to healthcare organisations.
My experience at Dokilink has been good so far. Everyone here knows what to do and we respect ourselves as much as we value each other’s opinions. What has really kept me going is my quest to keep researching, learning and ‘know things’. Recently I have had to take on the position of a business development officer asides my official role which is Digital marketer/Social media manager.
I’ve had to be and sit in meetings with prospective clients and help to successfully close deals. There are often tough times when i have to deal with “difficult” clients. Sometimes,even after explaining and breaking down things, they might remain unsatisfied.  At such moments, I feel like giving up but what makes me surmount such situations is the zeal I have for what I do. So, I push some more and make sure I don’t just allow that period discourage me.
My expectations for the brand is to make it much better than I met it and see it grow exponentially. I plan to do this by making sure my commitment remains stable. I would advise other young entrepreneurs working with startups to put in their best and give their all while there.
Working for a startup has a way of contributing to your own personal lives and side hustles. You shouldn’t lose track of the big goal and make sure to at least do even if it’s just one thing a day, that will move and take you towards the accomplishment of your own goals eventually.
Aside working at this job, I spend time developing myself by studying  about social media management/marketing, testing out strategies and also writing on my blog while I still help people with social media management issues.

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