“Overcome the fear of starting…”- Wale Ogunjobi, Founder Primal Tutor

Wale Ogunjobi is a young entrepreneur who is very passionate and dedicated to informing, educating and encouraging people around him. The Civil Engineering graduate from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) Ogbomoso, Oyo State has worked in the areas of Engineering, Project Management, and Digital Consulting.  He is currently a sought-after Digital Consultant, Google Certified Digital Skill Trainer, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) and a Brand Strategist. He is also the founder of  Primal Tutor, a website dedicated to solving the issue of tutoring for children across nursery, primary and secondary school. This week, Wale shared the startup story of how he came up with the idea of Primal Tutor.

Startup Story of the week


The business idea started in 2015 during my NYSC service year in Sokoto state. I decided to start at that time because I wanted to add value to the educational system of Sokoto state. I began by organizing several seminars, conferences, and summits. The brand then was “Rising Star Tutors”. My major aim at that point was to be able to inform, educate and encourage the indigenes of the state to embrace education and knowledge.I had a passion for education and I had also developed some digital skills required for the business.

After my NYSC, I relocated to Lagos, and realize that the business model I used in Sokoto state couldn’t fit into the Lagos target market. I had to put all operations on hold for several months so as to do my feasibility studies and plan a new business model. We eventually rebranded to Primal Tutor Nigeria in January 2017.

Primal Tutor is Nigeria’s Smartest Home Tutoring hub, where thousands of parents locate best-fit private teachers for their children across all subjects in the nursery, primary and secondary school. We also offer Career Counseling, School Staff recruitment, and training amongst others with the vision to solve some of the educational problems in Nigeria.The aim of the website is simply to provide basic and elementary knowledge to clients across Nigeria.

Another objective is to create a platform where people can discover their potentials and profitably use their talents in other to be relevant in life. We also intend to solve current challenges such as unemployment, career path confusion, extra curricula training, the search for quality tutors and the search for good school staff members. Our target audiences are parents, guardians, students, schools and corporate organizations.

I have trained for & in several organizations and institutions such as Google, LCCI, TEDC, Kinetic Associates among others. With my experience in digital marketing and strategy consulting and my deep passion for technology, I have been able to build websites and other platforms for various organizations. I discovered along the line that if I can help others develop their businesses; I should be able to start mine.

We have consistently used an online medium as our basic marketing channel.That has been the most cost-effective marketing strategy for us so far.  We had no funding at the beginning and we wanted a marketing strategy that we could measure its Return On Investment (ROI) and would also give us the exact form of brand awareness that we needed.


The major challenges we are facing is market penetration and funding for our marketing strategies. Although, we are recently gaining the market trust and penetration, but we are sure that it can get better.

My advice to young entrepreneurs and startup owners is to overcome the fear of starting up their business idea even if all the resources needed are not set. When you start, all human resources and financial resources will begin to show up; even investors will begin to show interest in your business. The fear of starting a business is one of the major reasons why smart, talented people with something valuable to offer don’t take the plunge and become entrepreneurs. One of my favorite quotes is “Nothing in life is to be feared. It is to be understood. — Marie Curie”

If you start to approach the things you fear, you might find that many of them are things you don’t fully appreciate or understand. Sometimes simply reframing the things you’re afraid of and learning more about them will change the nature of your fear.

Wale Ogunjobi,

Founder Primal Tutor

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