Side Hustle and Productivity

Running a side hustle can be quite a tough thing to do especially in Lagos. As a business owner, ordinarily, you get confronted with issues such as power, tax laws, funding sources and so much more. How do people who own side hustles apart from their primary business or their general 9 to 5 make things work?

Owning your business can be a very tough thing to do. Forget all the glitz and glamor displayed in the media about being an entrepreneur. It requires additional work than you think. Waking up earlier than normal becomes a priority. You also have to learn to make your customers satisfied at all times. A simple mistake in your marketing strategy would get likely customers uninterested in your brand. Owning a side hustle also means doing things in order of importance. What is important at this moment? What do your customers want and need right now?

Running a side hustle seems very interesting until you have one and you realize that 24 hours is probably too short for you to handle the business. The best way towards your productivity is to set an agenda or a target for yourself. Doing this, helps you keep track of time and assists you with strategic planning. Have an in-depth knowledge of the number of hours to be devoted to the main business versus the side hustle.

Side hustles can be extremely easy to run if you are very focused, confident and have a great strategy to make things work. It’s a job that actually for the hard-working person so if you are a naturally lazy, it’s best to excuse yourself.

Don’t rush into owning a side hustle. I’ve been there. It’s fun until you start struggling with multi-tasking, start making one less important than the other and end up getting lost in the sauce. Life is too short to even get lost.


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