Working for Cregital- Rufus Oyemade. CTO, Cregital

Rufus Oyemade is a Computer Science graduate from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH) and serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Cregital, a leading digital agency startup in Nigeria. In this interview, Rufus shares the story of his journey into working in the startup world. He further talks about his motivation, challenges and expectations for the startup. Do read and share!

Working for Cregital: An Insider’s story by Rufus Oyemade

My love for website development connected me to Cregital in 2014.That year, I met Evans Akanno, the founder of Cregital (before its birth) who contacted me about a web project he was carrying out. He noted that he needed a plugin that could integrate payments. I assisted him with that project and I received swift payment for a job well done. Over time, we collaborated on a couple of other projects through telephone calls and emails. Later that year, he told me about his intention to start a digital agency and I casually said: “remember me in your kingdom”.

Before the final launch of Cregital in 2015, I had actually never met Evans physically but we worked together seamlessly from remote locations. We never had  any trust issues. Even after Cregital’s launch, I had started my National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program and had become a full-time staff, but was working from my NYSC place of primary assignment (PPA), I still received pay for work done. I was amazed by their generosity. Then also, the honesty and transparency that Evans exhibited when we worked on freelance projects together still reflected on the company and that was the major thing that motivated me to join the team.

Rufus with colleagues

Cregital is a tech and creative agency located in Surulere, Lagos. We specialize in web design and development, branding, digital marketing, photography and videography, graphics design, as well as applications and software building. We  solve the problems of poor brand perception. Our target audience are brands that desire their corporate image to be and remain positively perceived by their customer. We have carried out projects for over 200 brands.

So far, I have enjoyed the Cregital experience . As the Chief Technology Officer, my daily responsibilities involve back-end development, site backup and migration, web hosting, provision of technical support for clients, and working with the senior team to provide strategic leadership for Cregital. My colleagues are really cool people. Everyone in the team is so passionate about what they do and this has made us grow into one small happy family. Every moment, we share jokes and our laughter is always cherished among ourselves.

Rufus at work

The major challenge I face is the demand of time my work requires. Sometimes I just want to relax after the official closing time and during the weekend or holidays, but  I get an email/phone call that requires my urgent attention. I actually believe this is part of the job is what makes it exciting. Working at Cregital hasn’t really been a smooth sail but I can’t remember any instance of wanting to give up. I have believed in the brand from the first day Evans shared his vision for the brand. But there has definitely been days that I wanted to retreat and refresh to prevent burn-out but not to completely give up.

Each year, since I joined, keeps getting better. I look forward to seeing us build more products, enhancing the creative skills of young people and making waves in the tech space. To anyone working with a startup, my advice is always to believe in the company. If you do not believe in the success of your company, growing with it would be quite difficult. Many of the big brands that are still around today started small. And the only reason why they stood the tests of time is because certain people firmly believed in the company’s potentials. Let’s be sincere with ourselves, everyone can’t be CEO and if you are one of those, be that person that contributed to the growth and survival of a venture.

Rufus Oyemade

Chief Technology Officer, Cregital

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