Introducing “Insiders”!

I can confidently say that entrepreneurs do not always carry the joy or burden of success or even failure alone, they usually have a team of trusted professionals who help make their dreams come true or crash. These set of people are often ignored in the entrepreneurial process but it’s time to break that jinx! It’s time for us to start pouring our hearts out.

Insiders is a new platform on this blog for people working with a startup to share their own experiences!  Let’s tell everyone about what it feels like to work within a startup, the challenges, the happy moments, the sad moments, the motivation to join the team, the reason we quit the team and every other thing that makes up our insider story.

You know you are an insider, but you can’t stay out of the startup conversation for so long! It’s time to speak! Come out of the closet now! 🙂

Kindly contact us to share your own story!

[Note: Storytellers can choose to stay anonymous]

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