Today marks the annual celebration of World Entrepreneurs’ Day, #WED. A day set aside to create awareness for entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership throughout the world. WED as it is called is the day of founders, managers, producers, contractors, industrialists, innovators, administrators, designers and producers. It is basically a day to celebrate the people who start a business ‘alone’.
According  to Alliance of International Business Associations (AIBA), WED is a great opportunity to push philanthropic, social and ethical business practices via conferences, awards and initiatives. AIBA also invites everyone to organize happenings around the world to promote the day. Enterprises are also suggested to organize conferences, workshops and meetings regarding leadership,
innovation, creativity, design, entrepreneurship and other related topics. Press members and media are also suggested to provide coverage within their publications for articles, news and interviews regarding entrepreneurs and their success stories. Fortunately, that is the aim of my blog!
To celebrate this year’s #WED, i conducted a vox pop. I asked entrepreneurs to share a thought:  “The Gains of Being an Entrepreneur”  Here were the responses i got! Enjoy!
You get to create value, transform your environment, be the positive change you want to see around you, and of course make a profit by solving peoples problems, by that, I mean you get rich!

Idris, Kings Krave Foods
You set yourself in a position to learn and stay on top of your game. You learn something new from people around you and also get to see the competition and the challenges that abound. These will force you to maintain a standard which will cause you to be respected, or otherwise.
– Bamiyo, Blogger
The ability to champion your life your own way, time and financial freedom and the ability to decide your own fate, not by a boss
– Samjay,  Shoe Designer. 
You determine your level of accomplishment,  There is no limit to your productivity
– Ibidapo, Retailer
You face challenges that mould you to become a stronger and better person. As an entrepreneur you are your own boss, you dictate the trends and how u want your business to go.
-Sope,  Graphic design consultant.
A chance to hold your future in your hands and dictate the pace at which you reach your target goals
– Ayodeji, Blogger. 
Being Independent and having the right connections.
– Girls Goodies
The joy of being independent.
– Miss Malla, Retailer 
C.E.O Questworld Boutique 
You are independent, you call the shots and can work things to suit the kind of business you want or operate.
-Amanda Ebeye, Actress 
You have no limits to growth or what you can achieve.
-Leye Makanjuola, Online Advertising Consultant
There  is an internal satisfaction that you derive when you aren’t working for anybody and doing well for yourself
– Baff  Up Jerseys 
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