The man behind ‘DIUZ’

My first encounter with this young man was while I was still in the University a few years ago. I had always heard about “Diuz” shirts but I never knew the name behind the brand. When we eventually met, he convinced me to patronize the brand and that’s one action I’ve never regretted.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the startup story of the man behind “Diuz”.


My name is Abiodun Olapade.  I’m the C.E.O. of Diuz Authentic Nigeria,  a designer clothing brand and also a classic branding outfit that specializes in production and sales of ready to wear high class Street casual outfits. We also offer branding services for different organizations.
How I Started
I just wanted to express my love and flair for art. Clothing felt cool and brought good success. I started before entering the university but enjoyed success in school due to the large acceptance of my
products and services.
Challenges so far
One challenge I had was having to combine building my brand with focusing on my academics. I studied engineering while at the university so it wasn’t an easy task for me. Challenges never end, different levels of growth brings it’s different challenges. Sometimes, we have customer complaints but it’s  all part of our growth process. I see it as an avenue to learn about customer relations.
Hopes & Expectations
The goal is to build an empire of  ‘Diuz Authentic Nigeria‘. I also hope to play a huge role in catering for the demand of day to day clothing of our huge population. Our target audience is everyone that has a need for casual clothing outfits.
Advice to Other Startups
As an entrepreneur, identify your strengths and make it the foundation of your brand. Always be ready to invest in whatever would make you grow or contribute to the development of your brand.
Abiodun Olapade
C. E. O Diuz Authentic Nigeria
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