The Hustling City

The  past few months I spent in Jos, the capital city of Plateau State Nigeria, taught me patience as an entrepreneur.  I learned how to’wait’ and ‘hope’ that customers would buy the necklaces I made, how to be careful  in my interactions with clients and how to act like a simple business woman. I  got carried away with the simple, peaceful and quiet lifestyle of business owners until I got back to Lagos, the city of hustlers, some days ago.


At first i was turned off at the smell of  the ‘not so pleasant’ air that welcomed me. Then I was turned off at  the sight of the ‘so many’ street traders and expressway hawkers. But the sight of  more shops, stores, offices, restaurants and a host of other business initiatives put a smile on my face.  I was quite thrilled that the few people i had known, before i left the city, were now doing something worthwhile. I was even happier to see that the youths in my small area of Lagos were not as idle as they used to act  but were busy working.

There is nothing as facinating as seeing budding entrepreneurs in action, seeing young people engaged in positive actitivities while trying  to make a difference in thier immediate environment or individual lives. I have read articles that say the road towards entrepreneurship is very tough. That the people who become entrepreneurs in the end are the few lucky risk-takers. Though i agree with the statement, i believe that luck is not the driving force. Passion, Vision and Hardwork is. When people have a vision to accomplish, they work hard and become passionate about what they do and thats what makes them excel.

Looking around the streets of Lagos yesterday, I was already thinking of my next startup story, because I know I couldn’t run out of stories in the hustling city. Now, my charge to you: Do something. Do something different. Do something different and worthwhile. Do something different and worthwhile today, let your future self be thankful for your decisions.

Like citizens of the hustling city, won’t you rather work hard to make a difference in your life and your immediate environment?

Abiola Seriki

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