The Cake-preneur

The entrepreneur that I featured this week is one of the most fabulous cake designers in Nigeria. Though based  in Ibadan, this is one lady who has, with hardwork and dedication, expanded her brand to other Nigerian cities.
Dear readers, below is the startup story of  Demorin Olasupo.




My name is Demorin Olasupo. I’m the C.E.O of Cakes by Demorin,  a brand dedicated to the production and sales of quality cakes.
How I Started
I started by making cakes for my friends and family members, mostly just for pleasure. I got motivated by the great responses I received then and it was a great feeling so I was advised by my mum to take the passion seriously. My mum has always been very supportive and she motivated me to start baking cakes professionally. I officially started in the year 2012 as a student in the University of Ibadan.
Challenges so far
Asides the unfavourable economy of Nigeria,  the constant demand to step up your game to meet the style and cravings among customers is a consistent challenge, but I consider this a great thing because it gets me driven and motivated to be better at my craft and to focus on being a better brand.
Hopes & Expectations
I hope to own a bakery someday.  One that would meet an international standard. I also aim to build a very strong brand that would be well known globally.
Advice to Other Startups
My advice for upcoming startups is for them to just focus on who they are. Once you know who you are, you will be able to create your own unique brand.
Demorin Olasupo
C. E. O. Cakes by Demorin
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