Startup Story of The Week!

“…challenges taught me patience, determination and hardwork…”

There’s only one reason why this week’s startup story is coming later than usual: I wanted it to be a perfect story. Then i realized no story is perfect. Every one has a very different and interesting story to tell. So I went against the norm due to the requests from some of my readers (thanks for your mails) to do a written version of this week’s startup story! So here it is!

During the course of the week, I visited a restaurant at Rayfield, Jos, Nigeria. Some of you who live in Jos might have seen this place, eaten there or might not have been there before, but it’s okay. I spoke with the C.E.O and he had a very interesting story to share! Enjoy!


I am Achibel Baraya, a native of Taraba State, a graduate of law from the University of Benin and the C.E.O of Dafa Global Foods Services Limited. One of our flagship product is the Ahbokee Noodle Box. We are heavily into food production, manufacturing and delivery services.  Our focus is how to make a wider appeal for a chicken meal.
How I Started…
I was aiming at exexpanding the consumption of chicken. I thought of the typical Meshai (someone one who sells noodles/tea/bread by the wayside)  and how they adopted the use  of eggs for meals, especially noodles. Eggs used to be expensive until capital intensive farming took the place of subsistence farming. I wanted to see how to shift the conversation from the use of  eggs to chicken in a quick and easier way. So what we introduced in our recipes is tailored to the inclusion of chicken in all our quick meals. That was motivated me to start.
Challenges So Far…
I consider most of the challenges i had as necessary to build myself and be wiser. They taught me patience, determination and hardwork. I have an orientation that challenges are stepping stones. So i do not see them as problems. I never thought i would run a restaurant. I visualized a farmhouse, it was while trying to solve the problem of a farmhouse, that i got the vision to run a restaurant. There were times when people had complaints but i have realized that most of my customers always give a feedback and i receive a lot of positive ones. That has really helped my business grow.


Hopes & Expectations…
One of the key things i’ve imagined is taking noodles back to Asia, being able to give it to them from the Nigerian perspective. They introduced the culture of noodles to us, so i’ll like to show them our own version. To a large extent, i intend to have a global brand, to have restaurants in other Nigerian States and other countries. I am opening myself to discoveries and learning from the experiences.
Advice to other Startups…
Trust in God. You have to be prepared in spirit, in mind and in your body. You have to be ready to display positive energy and vibes no matter how challenging the cause goes. Your challenges can be external or internal so you have to be very passionate about what you are doing because your employees might not understand your vision!
Achibel Baraya
C.E.O Ahbokee Restaurant
Rayfield, Jos.
  • Segun Adewumi
    Posted at 16:16h, 08 August Reply

    He's got a awesome driving force, he is going to achieve his dreams and reach his goal.

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