Since childhood, I had the urge to make changes in the society. I always wanted to live in a world where we have the leverage to make things happen. Where ideas are spread within a community, foundations are established for people to communicate and join movements that change the status quo and opportunities for self development and community development through remarkable leadership frameworks exist. Growing up, I now understand that economic change is not the end product of magic. Things do not often change on their own, people change them. And the change comes as a result of constant devotion and desire to make things uniquely different. I want to join this group of people, who are constantly trying to make a difference in the society, to connect, exchange ideas and proffer solutions to basic economic issues. I want a platform to exhibit my desire to inspire youths in Africa. I want to join the growing movement of creating awareness on the need for entrepreneurship among youths, encouraging innovations and contributing to the economic development of the continent.

Startup Stories is set to showcase the success stories of established small business start-ups in Nigeria; enabling entrepreneurs share their motivation, challenges, initiatives insights and aspirations with you.  The blog is also set to foster a robust entrepreneurial culture that will maximize individual and collective economic and social success on a local, national and global scale through storytelling.
I am MzAbiola, a mediapreneur and game changer. Join me, let’s build tribes and create movements, make things happen and get things done!

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